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MY Online status is not showing my profile and gigs?


Please reply


but already its online but not swing as online



this feature is only available if you browse fiverr using a mobile device (iOS or Android).


For what it is worth, I found Fiverr to be a little bit buggy the last few days. Yesterday, my gigs did not show on my profile, and yet they were activated. Secondly, I use Fiverr on a PC, and I am sure that my online status can be seen even though I do not use a mobile device.


same issu my gig not showing online


You’ve got 3 visible gigs, and your status is ‘online’.


but not show online gig in online sellers


only status online but gigs not show online


dear sir/madam please solve my problem


You revived a thread from 3-years ago. :roll_eyes: Creating your own topic is as easy as :one:, :two:, :three: yanno?


dear mame i am new in fiverr only my online status is not showing my gigs.


First of all drop the dear Ma’am stuff. :smirk:



So, what in the world are you complaining about?


my gigs not showing online in new seller gigs


Don’t worry about it. You don’t need to be “online” in order to make sales.


While Jon may be right with that, at least partly, you´re not alone, it seems it´s a bug that might affect a lot of people. Some have already reported it to Customer Support and they supposedly are working on the issue. You can take screenshots that show you aren´t showing when using the Online filter and send a ticket to CS if you want.

(see here: "Show Online Sellers" filter seems broken )


i am very abset whatever my gig not showing online please fix this.


Not just you!


then what is sulotion?


Well I doubt there’s anything we can do, but it looks as if CS is aware so all we can do is leave it up to them. :slightly_smiling_face: