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My opinion about gig Ranking

You can do that for yourself. Look at your gig description, the things you do like schema markup and yoast design.

I searched “yoast design” and found one other seller.

I also searched “yoast template” and got this:

We Didn’t Find Any Results For Your Search.

Everytime you only find one or few sellers, or no seller, it’s an opportunity for a “monopoly” situation, meaning you could monopolize the market.

My recommendation is have a mixed of tags, “google index” gives you 99 results when you search.

Wordpress optimization gives you 2017 results.

So if Fiverr allows you to use 5 keywords, I would use a mix between popular and rare keywords.

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I am also facing same issue it has been over 3 months

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nice. have learned from it. thnx

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cool. you are right.

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