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My opinion about gig Ranking

If you show three very different logos, buyers will see you are a versatile graphic designer. Your video idea is a great one, create a slide show, set up each logo to appear for 2-3 seconds. Don’t worry about resolution beyond the minimum that Fiverr requires for gig images and video.

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Thanks uk1000 for this worth full information. definitely it will help to make your gig fast in search results.

Very interesting! :thinking:
I’ll make some research for this…
Thank you very much!! :hugs:

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How to do gig image SEO?

On fiverr there is no way to do image SEO. You need to have control of the website code to do that on a site you manage or own.

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the naming of images related to your gig may be considerable!

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Yes I follow this while saving my gig image.

This definitely works! Thanks for sharing! :wink:

The first Fiverr consider for gig ranking is your performance!, Then gig title, keywords and other factors ranks your Gig!

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Amid many factors outside of your performance.

Please don’t perpetuate your myth that your activity dictates your ranking. There are many, many other factors that are out of your control. Sellers need to understand the limitations of their activity and adapt to that rather than thinking that if they do all the right things they will rank. How could everyone rank well, anyway? If hundreds of sellers do what you say, they can’t all get on the front page.

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How can I know what keywords are best for my Gig?


If you are late with deliveries that will affect your ranking. Also taking long vacations will affect it.

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thank you for your information.

Thank you very much for sharing with us.

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Consider it! when people search for the service or product you’re offering what keyword they use for getting the best result.

URL, Title, Image name and key tag should be same and relevant to your service or product.

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I totally agree with you. Though I’ve been struggling with gig ranking myself, I’ve been tweaking my gig with keywords for some time now. I hope I get on first page soon.


Good luck!

Note that where you rank on the first page and in what circumstance is most important. For some ranking on the first page of a search query will get more impressions, views and sales than tanking on a category page and ranking high for a query is likely much more likely. That’s why it’s important to seek to understand the needs and search behaviours of your target market.


But for sure I’ve noticed over time when i have orders with long delivery dates or if i have orders on a particular gig sequencially, it ranks… Not sure about other factors…


My gig was at the third page, but Immediately I got cancellation, guess what it went to page 7.
Cancellation last for 60days!
Fiverr is more of market place not Google search. Think of think; I could search for cartoon portrait and BOOM!!! find a Gig ‘vector illustration’ at third line in the first page, notice the title doesn’t match, I check the search tags, nothing like cartoon portrait, but the description portrait once!

It’s more about your reputation, if your services SUCKS, better people are replaced and you go down no matter how SEO expert you are! Fiverr is a market place and they want to give their customers the best of their services!

I had came up with a great tips to SUCCEED!, after relentless conversations with the support team, not once on how to rank! If I gather them together it’s a semi ALGORITHM REVEALED!

ask me 'what’s it’s!!!


I just want to add to this tips…

If you want to get fast ranking on fiverr searching engine, you need to add the keyword you want to rank for on your title Because fiverr will first rank keyword that show on your title before ranking your tags…