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My opinion about gig Ranking

I just want to add to this tips…

If you want to get fast ranking on fiverr searching engine, you need to add the keyword you want to rank for on your title Because fiverr will first rank keyword that show on your title before ranking your tags…


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Do not edit your gig! People’s rankings drop when they edit their gig. I dont know why, but thats just the algorithm.

Don’t get afraid to improve your gig by this little down fall of the gig ranking. same as you will never stop combing to your hair even you know your hair can be broken. The main objective is to get ordered and if your gig is not much attractive it would be hard for any one to get new orders.

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That fall is temporary.

I have changed my gigs several times. It brought me more business.

You shouldn’t avoid modifying your business where suitable just because of a temporary fall after you edit.

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