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My order cancellation problem


Hello everyone,
I am an website developer using wordpress . One of my current client is asking me to do more than I promised to do for him . moreover he is asking me for my email , sharing his social media links there . Will it affect my account ?
Now If I want to cancel the order , can I do this ?
Or only the buyer can do that ?
what kind of affect will be there on my account after order cancellation?



You can cancel that … Go to the order page >visit resolution center> Ask the buyer to cancel this order.

Choose reason and submit .

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You will get in trouble if you share your personal infos you might get banned too, if your deliver is exactly what you and the buyer agreed then you can send him a custom offer for the additional work needed.


You should not share any personal information without need. It may violation of fiverr terms & condition. You can cancel your order any time by following the very first replay.
Ofcourse there are negative impact on your profile. Order complete rate will reduce at first. All of Its depend on your past works.
But this is not more then block your account.
So think again and do the best.