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My order cancelled by customer support after 21 days

Hi everyone.I completed an order that was accepted and marked as completed.I also recieved it’s payment and now after 21 days i got a message from the fiverr customer support that my order was cancelled without mentioning the reason.I wanted to know that something like this happened with you guys as well or is it just me and if once the order was completed then i dont find any reason that why it is cancelled later on now.If any one of you knows or have gone through the same please share.Thanks

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Is your buyer still on Fiverr? Or is the profile removed/banned? If it’s the latter, he did a chargeback, PayPal or the credit card company gave him the money back and Fiverr had nothing else to do other than remove him from the website.

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Yes he is still on fiverr i got an email from the customer support .They mentioned there that to review the reason for the cancellation of order click here but that click here but that click is not valid as i am unable to click on it.

Did you get any notifications about compensating by Fiverr so something like that?

No i didnt got any such notification the amount of that order was deducted at the spot from my balance.

You should go to CS and ask for a Compensation.