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My order completion % automatically got decreased by 2% without any cancelled order

Hello to all,
I saw yesterday that suddenly my Order Completion percentage automatically has decreased without any cancelling the order.
I literally got shocked that what’s this happening?
Till the day before yesterday, order completion % was 78% and suddenly it has decreased by 2% i.e., 76% without any cancelling the order. I don’t know why.
Also, I have completed Next Level Requirements to reach on Level 1 but the thing is,
Is it necessary to reach 90% order completion % for the next seller level ??
Please help me with correct suggestion and answer.
Thank you.


Yes. You need to have at least 90% in all of the categories - response rate, order completion etc.
The reason why you dropped another 2% is because your percentage is based on your last 60 days of performance. You probably had a completed order that dropped off your 60 day stats and this is why it went down.
Unless you can get your stats to 90% or better, you will not level up to Level 1 on evaluation day.



But my next evaluation is showing on 15th June from many days so how it got decreased?
Also, sometimes when I deliver the order, it sometime increases by 1% and sometimes increases by 2% with every order delivery.
I’m literally confused with this issue.
Please tell. @genuineguidance

Because it’s a ratio.
And this :point_down: perfectly answers your question. Count all your orders you had in last 60 days and then calculate an “average” for that.