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My order completion going down without cancellation


Please, I need help.
The last time I canceled order my order completion was showing 96 percent order completion. I have not canceled order all most 2 months now. Since last week my order completion status has been going down every day. Yesterday, it was 88 percent, now it has moved down to 86 percent.
Please, any solution?


Ask CS to tell you which cancellation affects your complation rate.

(FIY, my last cancellation was on March 10 and my completion rate is not at 100%. CS told me which cancellation affects my complation rate. It’s a cancellation that occured in November 2017!!! They seem to be unable to fix this issue…).


as far as i know it calculates last 60 days… may be your number of completed orders are going down in recent days but they were more initially… as it also calculates completed orders…


Same Boat, mine dropped just this morning and had me demoted , the painful thing is most of these cancellations were by mistake , sometimes I wonder how people manage to order a full gig, go through the entire process just to cancel a few seconds later , Fiverr really needs to drop the completion rate to at least 85% as we have no controls over cancellations, there was even one order that was cancelled 2 months after delivering and him leaving a review and my account got a negative amount , there was little support could do . PLEASE FIVERR, FIX THE COMPLETION RATE ISSUE, ITS BEEN TOO LONG, EVERYONE IS COMPLAINING , THIS IS OUR ONLY MAJOR ISSUE


Thanks for the info. I think that maybe the cause.


Thanks for the info.


I find that if I log into Fiverr all day, I get more orders and more contact message from potential buyers which lead to more sales :slight_smile: