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My order completion rate is decreasing day by day

My order completion % is decreasing day by day by 1-2%.
We know all that it gets change in every 60 days but my order completion % is getting low sometimes by 2% and sometimes by 1% continuously in every few days.
Please tell me or suggest me whats this happening.

This is normal.

If you do not get an order after a cancellation, mathematically your completion rate will continue to decline until the 60th day from when you will bounce back to 100%.

If you do get some orders you will notice a fluctuation in your completion rate climbing up / down slightly.

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But I had completed 2-3 orders recently before 15 days and after that, my order completion rate was 78 and then it became 76 and now it is 73…
What’s this? Thats not fair.

You did not complete any orders after cancellation. The calculation is based on 60 days.

Last 60 Days means [Today - 60 Days].

(Completed Orders In the Last 60 Days ) / (Total Orders In The Last 60 Days ) X 100.

So your rate will continue to decline. Until 60 Days. Unless you get more orders.

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