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My order completion rate keeps reducing. Pls help!


So I cancelled an order for the first time few days ago due to a problem with the buyer and my order completion rate drastically drop from 100% to 86% which I think is very outrageous (pls, is this normal?) . To add to the problem, I was lucky to also get an order about 3days ago and it’s only increases to 88% (2% increase). Now, I logged in to my dashboard today and I discovered that my order completion rate further decreases to 84% again even without any order in queue talk more of cancellation.
Pls, do I need to contact the customer care support about this?
Why do you think my completion rate keeps reducing?


It happens because they take statistics for the last 60 days and that period rolls everyday. some orders that was completed before are not taken into account anymore.


No need to contact support.
One cancelled order affect your completion rate till 60 days.
It’s simple math the more order you will get the less effect will cause a single cancellation.
If you get less orders, a single cancellation can affect your completion rate drastically.


Thanks for your swift responses @mariashtelle1 and @sparx_intros. I will just focus more on getting orders then.