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My order completion rate suddenly decreased to 89% without having any orders


Hello there, I am really in a serious trouble with my order completion rate.

As one of my pptx template buyers didn’t responsive and I gave him a full refund 2 weeks ago.

Then my order completion rate decreased to 80%.
I worked hard, made more orders and accomplished the required amount of 90% by the day before yesterday. (Yesterday also 90%)

I just got a message (not a delivery) 3 hours ago and now my order completion rate suddenly shows as 89%
I didn’t get any orders from yesterday to today. I’m still wondering how that can be happened without getting any order from yesterday to today.

The worst thing is fiverr going to evaluate my performance stats today.(few hours left)

With this point, I’m really going to lost my Level1 batch on fiverr.

I just contacted fiverr support. Waiting for reply.
Anyone with these kind of experience?
May be bad luck with me.


over the course of last sixty days fiverr calculates your order completion rate. it’s default process.


Yes I know it well.
My order completion rate was 90% yesterday. (The day before yesterday was 90% as well)
Today is 89% without having any orders from yesterday to today.


If anyone who wants purchase my resellable products, I’ll give a mass discount on the packages. (valid for 3 hours from now) I’m struggling to raise my order completion rate.


It will calculate for last 60 days so your sales have decreased for the last sixty days where as there is no change in your cancelled orders.


Friend, I already know that point.
With the cancelled order few weeks ago, my order completion rate decreased from 100% to 80%.
I know that’s normal.

Then I worked hard, got more orders and completed them with 5star reviews. (7 orders completed).

Then my order completion rate increased to 90% making me more happy till yesterday.

But today, the order completion rate has suddenly decreased to 89% with no reason at all.
I didn’t receive any order from yesterday to today so there’s no reason to decrease the rate to 89%.

Anyway, thanks for all replying me.


Can you please tell me how many order you have completed and cancelled in the last 60 days.


I’ve successfully completed 14 order over the last 60 days. Only one order cancelled. And gave him a refund.Yesterday my order completion rate was 90%. Today with a buyers’ message, (Not an order, just a message) it decreased to 89%