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My Order Completion Rate went down without any reason!

Hi Everyone,
I am very sad to share that my Order Completion rate went down without any reason, as on 15th May 2018 I was promoted to level one again after three months of struggle and my order completion rate was 90% and after my Level promotion I have completed two order even Got Tip From one buyer and there is no order canceled or active till now I do not understand on what basis Fiverr Rank Down my Order completion rate even it should go up as I have completed two orders,
If anyone have experienced this PLEASE HELP!
I look forward to your helpful replies,
Best regards


you can contact with fiverr customer care

Ask fiverr support team. You must get the perfect answer :slight_smile:

It’s really sad for you.
You can contact fiverr customer care they can help you .

Yup I did so lets see how they will resolve it.

I Received this update from Fiverr,

Please note that your stats reflect the percentage of your completed orders and orders delivered on time over the last 60 days. As some of your successfully completed orders get older than 60 days they stop counting towards your completion rate and it goes down, even without you getting any new orders or cancellations.

In order to keep your stats up, you have to actively work on completion orders on time while avoiding any unnecessary cancellations. Inactivity on our platform will not mean that your stats will remain at the same level, as they track your performance over time.

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So, you need to get more orders and complete them on time. Thus you can improve all things.


Yes I have to,
but that hurts!!!

Understand that the order cancellation is an average of 60 days performance.

if you have cancelled orders between these 60 days, then it could impact your completion rate. if you are 100% sure there is no cancellation in 60 days, try contacting fiverr support.

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You are right as I have specified that my level was promoted and after promotion I have completed two orders and not a single cancellation occurred, and my rankings go down automatically as they should go up

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understand that your rating wont reset after the promotion…

you should have 100% completion before.

It keep counting your performance before the level promotion, not only after.