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My order got cancelled after one and half month of completion

I have successfully completed my order with 5 star review from client one and half month before.So I said to my client if you need any support you can knock me.Its a wordpress website and he doesn’t now much to edit something.So when ever he need any thing to edit he knocked me and I helped him.For few days my id is disable due to id verification issue.with in this time he doesn’t knock me for any help but said that he will send me some picture to add in a page.Nothing more.I can’t reply him that okay send it .Can it be a reason to cancel my order?I am just lost that why fiverr cancelled my order!!! My fund was also cleared to my account.Then why they cancelled it???


You should need to contact CS. Explain them hope you will get nice solution!

Thank you!

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he knocked me

You don’t ‘knock’ people in this context - that usually means you physically bumped into them. You message or contact them.

As for your actual issue, contact CS.


I was just thinking the same, I don’t get why so many people here in the forum use that “phrase”.


But they cancelled my order.Now what they will do?They could have ask me before cancelling that what is the matter.This is not first time few days before they cancelled my $300 order with out asking me any question or clarification.I have created a full website for my client.Client said I don’t like it.So everything is done?? Why buyers are getting this much importance to them?

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I’m guessing it’s because they see the phrase “knock on my door” and assume “knock” means to contact, which it can, but only when used as that exact phrase.

But we always discussed all the matter through message.Fiverr can see this.I never gave him any contact address or number then how he will knock me out of this fiverr page?? its just a commonsense.Again after telling that word knock me my client gave me one reversion and when again I delivered the work I said you can take my support through message.So it should be clear to fiverr ,isn’t it?

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All I’m saying is that the use of the word “knock” is incorrect. That’s not the correct word for this situation.

I’m not saying that’s why your order was cancelled, I was just trying to be helpful and correct you.

Please search this issue from forum search bar. I hope you will get a lot of topic there and you’ll get your answer.


You have already given the answer though…

All they can do now is contact CS. Searching the forum is not going to help them understand why the order was cancelled - only CS can tell them that.

As your order is cancelled and you have withdrawn the credits. So in this case Fiverr will subtract credit from your next order

Thanks for your kind suggestion.I will keep in my mind.

I have not withdrawn the credits.Fiverr have already taken my credits.

Okay.Thanks for your suggestion.

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