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My order got cancelled

I recently deliver an order of $1050 on fivver the buyer confirm it and even left me a $10 tip, today I got a notification that the order has been cancelled by customer support, i try to create a new support ticket they didn’t reply and also marked it as solved , i spent a lot of time developing this dude website also purchase hosting and domain for him closely to $400, now I loose all my money on fivver,
Why they only care about the buyers and not the sellers? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
I don’t even know what to do, i don’t know how to get my money back this people are not replying to my ticket and buyer cannot be contacted again, fivver is not safe.

Can’t believe I lost all this money on fivver and they can’t even do anything


@ijagbemichristo so sorry for that’s, is Fiverr all time care customer not sellers, you contact with Fiverr support???

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Thanks for your concerned, yes i contacted them the right way but they marked my ticket as solved without even replying to it am so much hearthbroken this is my hard earn money and I lost everything on fivver without them doing anything

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Did you do anything outside of the TOS (whether you meant to or not) like talking to the buyer over email or the like?

Is the buyer still on Fiverr? If not they may have charged back and been banned. Not that this should be your fault.

Why oh why would you use your own money to pay for someone else’s hosting. That just screams scammer.

Is the website still up? If so you can show this to CS and request an answer and not just a “closed” response.

I would also strongly advise you to find and read ALL emails from Fiverr as I expect they have told you what happened and why they made thei8r decisions. Sometimes they are not very clear but they have to give reasons.


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Very sad, always care about the TOS

I helped the guy purchase hosting and domain cos he told me he doesn’t have experience about that and also want everything fully from me, i developed everything on a demo domain and make sure he’s satisfied before purchasing the hosting and domain, he accept the delivery also left me a tip, but i guess he went back to charge back from paypal cos he’s account is not active again on fivver

Alright thanks for your concerned I appreciate

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In my case the order even completed was cancelled by buyer’s cancel request and refunded to him without my agreement. The buyer kept messaging me to ask me doing more work after completion and reviewing the order.I finally decided not to response to him. He tried to cancel the completed order and it was accepted by fiverr without notifying me. The support said me that’s why I did not replied him for a long time.
The order was $20 so I did not take care. But your case is unfair.

There are quite a lot of complaints about CS and while some definitely do seem like wrong decisions - where Fiverr have sacrificed a Seller to make life easy for themselves - many are at best unclear or missing details that rather indicate that all is not quite as it seems. I must say that this feels like one of these as paying for things yourself is not within TOS or common sense as it is an easy way for someone to get a Cash Advance at your expense.

The TOS is our bible - like it or not - it is the road rules of this place. Not following TOS leaves you out on your own when things get hard. We refer to it often as so many break TOS then cry foul when in fact either they actually started the issue by breaching TOS or were vague about it which let someone misuse CS for selfish purposes and that mistake lets the buyer get away with it.

Good sellers want everyone to follow the TOS as that way decisions are a lot clearer. This includes Fiverr who sometimes don’t really seem to follow even the spirit of their own TOS which lets them make easy decisions to placate lying customers and throw sellers under the wheels. At least in those cases, the seller can appeal based on the TOS not have been followed by staff.



This is very sad. I think no one here know here what is the problem.You can contact on CS for about this problem

I suggest you contact the company where you bough the domain from and let them know to reverse the charges, due to a scam. Either that or contact the payment method you used.

Ummm, yah.

I think @benedictrm hit it on the head here.

I don’t do ANYTHING for my clients (Fiverr and non-Fiverr) that I have to pay for first.


I think that should have been your first red flag.

I also suspect that you are not telling us the complete story here.

I want to support/believe you, but I’m having trouble doing so.

Sorry, this has happened to you, regardless.

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Thanks for your concerned I appreciate

Yeah I’ve done so, waiting for positive reply

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You don’t need to support/believe me, i told you exactly what happened to me ,i also don’t buy things for my clients but when he told me he has no knowledge about it, i have no option than to get it done for him as long as he’s going to pay my money, i make sure I host the website on a demo domain on my personal hosting, i let him check it if he’s okay with it , and for sure he said he loves it , left me $10 tip.

I don’t know what else to say to make u believe/support me that’s left to you to decide

Thanks for your concerned

Mr Ink & I are definitely trying to support you. You are choosing to defend your ego over a decision while we are trying to help you see that this decision may have been a deliberate scam on the part of the “customer” from the start. Adding the $10 tip can be a ruse to keep you thinking you didn’t get scammed. They know they are getting it back - with interest. A very high interest rate too - way better than the Stock Market.

I don’t doubt you probably meant well but so did all the Music Studio owners who got scrammed with similar approaches when some “Manager” contacts the studio saying that MC Shizzy Jizzer wants to record there and if they can cover some of the set up costs to get his famous personage there with their CC right now, it will be well rewarded when his Shizzyness arrives. Of course, this is no one’s manager but a scammer playing on the excitability of a young business person.


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