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My Order Has been Cancelled Even After 5 Stars Review.(After 4 Months $80)

My Order Has been Cancelled even 4 Months Later.

Although I delivered as Promised after 7 days of Hard Work.

Don’t You Think that fiverr should Update to their Billing System.

How is it Possible or is it justice that a Person Do work Hard for a Week month or more and after few months or Years Buyer gets back his amount silently.

There should be dispute system where both parties Show reason to refund funds.

This is happening 3rd time with me.

Is it Justice that i have worked already for 7 days and now again i will have to work for next two week for -$80.
And Now my Balance is showing in Negative.

I don’t have enough spirit to Keep carry on my work because i afraid that it can be happened in next moment again with other orders.

I had worked for this buyer already for 1 week Regularly and after cancelling order Now Balance is showing in -$80 and again i will have to do work hard for Next few weeks to return this amount to that buyer which is a Scammer.What is This ? We work hard and delivered as promised and a Scammer Get back his amount without ant difficulty.

I request to Fiverr please this mark of Negative from my Available funds Section as soon as possible.

This is really painful for me.


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This has also happened with me two times when the buyers refund their charges after mutually accepting the order and giving me the 5-star review. I feel so sorry to tell you that Fiverr cannot do anything in this regard because most of the buyers pay us via PayPal. And PayPal is the father of Fiverr so a son cannot resist. Just believe your buyers blindly. That’s it!

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You are a marketing and promotion person. Run a promotion all about how unethical the company you worked for was and how they don’t pay for the work they outsource. Take it to social media and then just lie back and relax in a nice bath of sweet revenge water.


Ugh, not too comforting huh? I wonder if enough votes were put towards this by the users, the Fiverr people might consider making changes?

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