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My order has canceled but got the review

Hope you are doing great, This is the second time I’m facing this issue.

I delivered the order and the client does not respond and the order auto-completes but then the client open a dispute and gave me a bad review, and Fiverr Customer Support canceled my order but still, I got the review.

Is this a Fiverr’s bug or it’s a policy?



Hello, That is new thing for me. I do not hear about that before.
So that bad review is shown in your profile ??

Yes, order has cancelled and review is shown on my profile.

OMG, Thank you for share this.

Yes, the review will stay and the order will be cancelled, this is not a bug but rather how the system is built and you can’t do anything about it unfortunately.
You can’t do anything about this, try to contact customer support.

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Sad, but the review will stay.
This is the rule.

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if we got a bad review .it is our first review of new gig, we will try to delete it but the review of the customer is on our will not goes from there.