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My order has cancelled without any notification


I have done work for my client on fiverr about 1 and half month ago. The order had completed. I had found the payment. Everything was fine. Today Morning I saw that there is negative balance in my fiverr account. I saw that order, the text is : “The order is cancelled by mutual agreement”. I do not understand how is this possible? I did not get any notification for cancellation, I did not know anything. Now there is a negative balance in my account. I saw that buyer has not came online since one month then how can this possible?


Exact same thing happened to my account just now. Two orders that cleared last month and that I received payment for suddenly show up as “cancelled by mutual agreement” I didn’t agree to cancel anything and received no notification, Not only was the customer satisfied, he tipped me after the order was complete. I’ve been bamboozled by the customer or by fiverr, not sure which.


I would contact CS to find out what happened. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a chargeback down through the payment provider (PayPal for example).