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My order has delivered without receiving the final service!

My order order has delivered without receiving the final service !! I have bad communication with the seller, he try to win time by sending me one message on 24 hours ! This is scam !! I want my money , the seller still propose his only gig !! and still finding new victims …

ask to cancel that order :)>-

thnx haris for your reply , that what i had done , but the seller update the order as delivered again ! he play with me … it’s sad to a website like fiverr doesn’t have a live customers support …

Hello, all you have to do is to contact fiverr support and provide them with evidence of what happen. they are the only authority we have on this platform

I’m having the same problem, I’ve paid $150 for a custom gig, the guy has just copied and pasted my content in 3 weeks!!! I could have done this myself in less than an hour… contacted fiverr but am waiting for a response (24hrs ago)… Any advice? Should I boot this person out of my website and put the work to a holt? He clearly can’t deliver the work we’ve agreed too. I’ve gotten annoyed with him and he is currently working on adding more content and photos etc… I now just want this person off the gig and will happily pay that to someone else but without fiverr advising I don’t know whether I’ll get my $150 back… Any one received there money back in a similar circumstance?

The same thing happened to me. I asked unnow1290 for custom artwork and provided him a sample. He took my sample, touched it up in Paint and sent it back to me. I promptly rejected the order and against my better judgment, asked for a revision. He never replied, nor revised the artwork. I asked him for my money back, that was ignored. I asked fiverr customer support to cancel the order 3 times with no response!!

Reply to @breekennedy: The Same Probleme , there is a fail in fiverr , well , the seller update the order as delivred and said , look bro we have to wait 4 days or 5 days … IN FIVERR 3 days after marking any order delivred means order completed !!! so the buyer lose his money , without recieving any service ! if you are intelligent , you will try to cancel the order ! but in this step the scammer will play with you, lose of time … money … !!!

Reply to @breekennedy: i never bought any service but i heard that you can file dispute or something like that [highly not recommended] you will get nothing.
Better option is to communicate to seller and tell him to cancel the order mutually, if that happens, funds paid will be refunded to the your shopping balance. Additionally, when an order is cancelled, You no longer retain the rights to use any of the services or the items delivered to them. But you can also agree mutually to pay $5 or more for work he done.
The last but not least is to contact Customer Support at any time to review your order for advice on how to proceed with their orders. Customer Support team will take many factors into consideration, such as the seller’s ratings, responsiveness, and past order history to assess the most appropriate action to take.
Cancellations performed by Customer Support can be done, when eligible, within a time period of 13 days after an order is marked as Complete. Fiverr will review both parties for any violations to our Terms of Service to consider canceling the order.

I recommend you to always choose a buyer who place your satisfaction in priority