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My order is completed. Buyer asking for refund

I have, Done his site. But buyer want refund. He is satisfied with the site. But asking me to how to.get refund. It’s really disappointed for me. What should I do.

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Tell him he is not eligible for a refund. He got the site as you promised him. Why then would he expect a refund? Does he think it’s free?

Tell him no.


Thanks. For replying. He’s threatening me to report on fiverr support.

Report you for what? Did you violate some rule? You may as well tell me. Maybe I can help you somehow.

Thanks again. Nope. No rules are violated. As well regularly, i do. Delivery whole project file.( Website backup file) Also i mentioned, if need any changes don’t hesitate just ask me to change. I would like to do that.:grinning:

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What is he going to report you for?

I don’t know actually. Cause as per his request, i have done all the things.

There has to be some reason to report someone, usually for violating a rule. If you didn’t violate a rule and delivered what you said you would then no reason for him to report you so tell him no he can’t have a refund and then ask is there anything else he would like done to the site? Be polite and professional at all times.

I have to be polite with my buyers. If he can find any issue or i have not done what i was promised. Then i don’t have any questions. If he ask for refund.

Either you know you did what your gig promised, or you did not.

If you did then you have nothing to worry about and can say no, you can’t have a refund. Simple as that.

What is the reason he stated in the cancellation request?

I highly doubt that he said to you “I’m happy with a website but you have to cancel the order or I’ll report you”.

P.s if you can’t explain what he wrote to you then you can share a screenshot with his message here BUT you have to remove your buyers name from everywhere on a screenshot. (!)

If anything was wrong with the site as promised then give him a refund. Simple as that.

Thanks. I really appreciate this thing. Also i do that. Everyone is happy with me. Cause I’m honest with my job or business.:grinning: Thanks. For helping me.