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My order is due in one hour

I have an order due in one hour. I submitted a delivery yesterday which the client rejected and now I’m still waiting on them to send me some information so I can make an update (web development) and re-deliver.

Will the order be marked as late and ruin my ratings or will it take into account that I submitted a delivery previously? What should I do?

Hey ,
don’t worry about that ,when the buyer request a new revision for the order ,even if it shows you the it late ,it won’t be marked as canceled.
just wait until the buyer respond and then make the modification he wanted .


Modification requested orders will NOT marked as LATE even it appear as LATE my friend. :slight_smile: Don’t worry about that. But make sure to re-deliver it as soon as possible when you get your details from the buyer.

Hope this may help you. :slight_smile:


I totally hate it when that happens. I have gotten modification requests at the very last minute. Some buyers do this for the sake for the fun of it. Well, hurry up and deliver the modified work. You should be fine.