My order is late 15 hr


My order is late 15 hr because buyer want more change and not final one,
he also agree with late delivery,
What it will affected on my gig?


Hi, if it is showing late delivery in your order page … then yes it will impose bad effect on your gig … why you didn’t use resolution center to extend the delivery time if your buyer’s agree with you … it is specially meant for us so that we can extend the time if we are unable to deliver on time or sometime if buyer want little changes in it… so don’t waste your more time do it now …


@kaursurvin64 where is resolation center.


On your order page … click notifications and open the order page where it is late delivery and on the right hand side there is a resolution center option to be used … select it and you will know after that…
check this out


First deliver the work done. then said the buyers to make revisions in it. if you have offered a reasonable amount of revisions.


@dastgeermoon i have already offer him unlimited revision


Then deliver the work done up till now. and keep other remaining work for the revisions.


@dastgeermoon i have already late with 15 hr



If you delivered the order in time before the revision was requested, it won’t be marked as late, despite the huge banner you’ve posted a picture of - no, I don’t know why it does that either! :wink:


Thank you for your good informations