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My order problem

my new account. I gave the new gig . can not get any order. What’s wrong with my gig. please Give me some suggestions.


You have to active regularly and you should marking your gigs in social media site, do more one think send buyer request everyday

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Thank you brother :innocent::innocent::innocent:

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

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I also faced similar issue. I need the solution as well

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don’t think that if you making a gig and you will get order. try to make your gig unique as other. Do marketing, be active on Fiverr and send qualityfull buyer request. Soon you get order.

Have patience.

Make sure you gig title keyword is ok, How do you check? First go to your service in buyer mode and search the keyword , note that keyword and use it in your service little as well as use those keyword as much as possible in your description. Use eye catching images and use those keyword in your images. If possible make a service related video. Lastly try to be online 24/7 and share your link cleverly in social media.I hope you will get your order quickly.

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Thank you very much sister​:innocent::innocent::innocent:

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