My "order Requirements" are not being shown


My order requirements are not being shown. The only thing I can see is the standard:

Hi, please send me the following information to get started: … but then it’s blank. When I checked my gigs I see the information is still there but also another box for additional info requirements.

Bug? Or do I have some work to do to add more requirements?


I also have that issue, but only in the mobile version. I see that there has been a formatting change for the way that order requirements show now (and probably a change with how they are collected) and this apparently hasn’t switched over to the mobile side of things yet.



To update this thread. This problem was fixed by tech support - system was caching somehow and wouldn’t allow additional info. Repaired! TY Fiverr Techs!


I had this same issue with an order a while back. I don’t know how or why it happened, but it did. I contact Fiverr CS and their team was able to fix it within a couple of days. :relieved: