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My order requirements completely disappeared


I had a customer place an order with me. At first blush, the order requirements are not visible on the order page unless you click a link to show them, which I think is ill-planned to begin with.

But now that I go back to look at it today, the order requirements have completely disappeared? Has anyone else had this problem?


may be its a bug.


It’s pretty rare, but it has been known to happen. It’s happened to me once in the year that I’ve been on Fiverr. Not much to do about it. If it’s an active order, just message the buyer and explain what happened. Or request a mutual cancellation on the condition that the buyer can provide the order details to keep the order open. The way I fixed the problem is by editing my gig and re-writing the instructions. Be careful when you do this, though, that you click all the buttons that have to be clicked. If I remember correctly, you have to save the order instructions in the box where you enter them, and you also have to confirm the change with a second button lower on the page. It’s not elegant.


Yes, I had experienced the same problem once in the year and I have been in the Fiverr.That time I send messages the buyer and convince them what happened.They provide the order details for order open.Friend of mine working at ( to fix my problem.