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MY ORDER SECTION IS READING " Not Available" despite not activating the offline mode


I have checked my gigs and they are all active. Anyone with any suggestions of how I can handle this please help. Thanks


I see your gigs active. If you mean the online/offline greenlight I can’t help much there. You do show up as online to me right now, but that function seems a bit glitchy when I use it.


Hallo thanks for the prompt reply. Its my Active orders section (on the dashboard) it reads “Not available”- instead of the normal (“0” when I have no active orders). I have checked my online/offline mode its on. I also checked my gigs and none has been suspended.


Perhaps it’s some sort of testing Fiverr is doing. If you don’t have any active orders right now I really wouldn’t worry about it. Your gigs look quite normal. If you get a message from a potential client saying they can’t order or you get an active order and it doesn’t show up, then you could contact Customer Support. Right now it doesn’t seem serious to me, although other people may show up with alternate opinions.


Okay. Thanks for your help.