My order was automatically cancelled by admin on late delivery


I got a few orders from a buyer with 10 ten days deadline so i took my time doing the orders. i got a late notification and the orders were automatically cancelled by admin when me and the buyer have agreed on a deadline date . buyer also didnt wan to cancel the order. it has affected my rating also & just moved to level one :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

someone please tell me what to do get my ratings back , i sent a submisson to customer support as well


Hi ranidu92,

That is fiverr System.It’s automatically working.

Don’t cancel the order without permission your buyer.

Now you can contact the buyer and get help from fiverr customer support…!

i wish you get back your level…!


He says he didn’t cancel it and sent me a screenshot as well

yes will try that hope it will work :slight_smile: I’m not concerned about the money but my rating :frowning:


hey they revised my feedback :slight_smile: such a quick response from CS

Thanks heaps :slight_smile: