My Order was canceled after buyers accepted my work what can i do


I registered on fiver about 3 months ago I manage to get only one buyer after about six weeks since i joined… I try to impress him and do all my possible best to satisfy him… at last i delivered and he accepted my work… I got the money in to my revenue account about 3 days after so i was happy about that… But unfortunately yesterday i just logged in to fiverr and to my surprise I got a notification that My Order has being canceled it was just like a dream until i Checked my revenue i can find any thing there… Please I consider this to be a BIG Fraud Please what should I Do… This is the only sell i make since i joined fiverr… Please I need advice thanksThank


The canceled order was done by fiverr because you failed to deliver on time. The one star left was automatically added by the system. How did you deliver the order? Did you click on deliver or did you simply attach the output on the message box?


Thank you… The service was website design… I Submitted all the Necessary Screenshot of the web pages according to our agreement … and more over what surprised me most is that the buyer has accepted the Service over a month now before they canceled it Yesterday… He even gave me 5 Start Review… For over a month! What if i have withdraw the money?


That may be a paypal charge back contact fiverr experts here FIVERR EXPERTS


No I have no used paypal on my account. The statement says… fiverr customer surport canceled your order not paypal