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My order was cancelled without any reason


I have received an order last week, worth $175. It was ordered by [private details about order removed.] Its actually a huge project with morethan 700 photos and video with audio files. She sent me all this through gmail. i have created the video couple of days ago. She replied me through mail saying that she needs some revision. I have spent almost 2 days to complete this order and revised and sent back to her yesterday. Today i received a warning and the order was cancelled by the CS team. I don’t know reason for cancellation. This is the second time. Last year also CS team cancelled a big project later they apologized me but i lost my money. I have opened a ticket but no reply from CS as well until now.



I’m really sorry to hear about your experience.
ONLY Use the Fiverr platform to communicate with buyers. It protects us sellers and it is in the ToS.
All the best!


What did CS say in the warning they sent you? They always tell people why warnings are being issued. They may not be as specific as you want, but they do say in the warning text.