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My order was completed without my consent/knowing

I bought a gig last Thursday, however, I didn’t get a notification that it had been completed or any reply from seller. I contacted the seller on Monday and was informed my order was completed that Saturday. Though I’m glad it was done so quickly, it also means that the order was completed before I reviewed it and OK’d it. The seller does good work, however, it’s not what I was looking for. I don’t want the results but the order done, what can I do? I can’t use the finished product.

@aspncpc You should have gotten a response from Fiverr that your order was completed. There was no reason for the Seller to inbox you that the order was completed as Fiverr is supposed to automatically do that once an order is completed (you get a notice from Fiverr just like you would if the Seller inboxed you). If you missed the notice then that would be on you. I wouldn’t penalize the Seller with a bad review even if you can’t use the product because they did provide quality work and it was either a glitch in the system or a missed notification on your part. The Seller held up their end of the bargain, so I would check your emails to see if you have a message from Fiverr on the day it was completed and write a simple review of “seller produces quality work.” If you have 0 messages from Fiverr notifying you of the completion then I would contact customer service.

If a seller “delivers” an order and the buyer doesn’t mark it as “complete”, after 3 days it gets automatically “completed”. I believe you have 3 days afterward to cancel the order. Ask the seller to request a mutual cancellation so it doesn’t count against the seller. You can then use the refund to purchase what you actually need. Be sure to contact the new seller before ordering to make sure they can provide something you will be able to use.

It’s possible that the Fiverr notification system didn’t work correctly. It’s best to manually log in to the site at least once per day while an order is in progress to check on things. Good luck!