My Order was quickly reduced


Hello Everyone, I would like everyone to share my experience and ask for advice, I have a problem with Order, My order was quickly reduced, I had up to 10 orders per day, now I get 1 order per week, My Gig remained the same, I did not go any significantly, my Gig dropped into the browser. In administration was told to update the Fiver site and to have problems of this kind and to be patient, I do not know what to do, whether anyone knows what it is and does have a similar problem, what Is your opinion and advice, Thank you


It appears to be the changes to the Fiverr algorithm. There are lots of posts about it on the forum. Don’t think there is much you can do only be patient.


Thank you very much for your reply, I think you are right, this is very bad for the development of our business


Your order and impression show on monthly basis.


Thank you for the advice


I share your same experience, my orders, impressions, clicks everything has decreased and this has been ongoing for months. We will just have to wait and see if things will return to normal, stay positive.


I agree with you, there seems to be nothing else , stay patient and positive


Gig’s RATIO (it’s not Gigs reputation - it’s tech parameter for inside usage by system) was lowered.
It means the system doesn’t show now your Gig in key search - simply people don’t see your Gig in key search like before.
My Gig has same problem now and I think it’s doomed for being invisible. So I decided to create a new one instead of existing one.

It’s my version. I don’t believe in algorithms etc. Everything is more simple

My gig was in good ranking now cant get any orders