My order wasn't delivered. What can I do?


I placed a custom order with somebody and had a delay in providing the details of my requirements owing to a family crisis, but after a few days I outlined my need and asked the seller what information he needed from me to get started.

I received nothing more from the seller except messages saying he had delivered my order, which isn’t true. He can’t have delivered the order because he never had a login ability to the website he needed to do the work on.

The system says the order was delivered on 5th December, so the resolution centre allows me only to communicate with the seller.

Have I lost my money ? Is there anything I can do ?


Well, you can ask to “mutually cancel” the job (see resolution center at the bottom of the gig) or leave a bad review. Note that any refunds will be in the form of Fiverr credit only.

That said, did the seller deliver anything to you at all? It’s not quite clear, since you just mention that he says he delivered stuff that he couldn’t because of no login to your website. Without knowing what he was meant to deliver (writers don’t need to login to your website to write copy, but if he was a WP dev, back office access to fiddle with the code seems logical). Let’s say he needed the login to fiddle with something boring and technical. It could be that he sent a file with instructions on how/where to put the code or whatever, since you went AWOL due to the family crisis.

There’s just no details here. You could contact Customer Support, I suppose, but it seems to me that both of you made mistakes due to circumstances outside your control.


Hi Emmaki. Thanks for taking the time to post a reply. The job was to implement a contact form and Paypal widget on a simple, already existing Wordpress site. I sent the brief as a Word attachment giving an idea of what the form needed to look like, and got several quotations. I chose the seller in question and ordered the custom order. After the “AWOL” period as you put it I asked him what I would need to do to set him up with access to the Wordpress site, and similarly what I would need to do Paypal wise. I never got a sensible reply after that, but the seller just marked the order as completed and took my money.

I’m a Fiverr newbie. In fact this was only the second time I’ve used online services to place a job like this. Fortunately the first time was a good experience. But this guy is a clown, and I can’t get a sensible answer from him. For example today I raised a case with customer services about this, and they clearly contacted the seller. He emailed me and said “I did stuff in HTML5 and delivered. But don’t worry I’ll do the work again if you give me the log in”. I challenged him to show me what he had already delivered, so I could share it with the Fiverr people and ask their opinion. His answer was “What Fiverr people ? What are you talking about ?”

You see my problem. I would be deliriously happy to receive a refund as a Fiverr credit so I could then re-order from somewhere else. But at the moment I don’t know how to do this.



You have 14 days after the order was marked as complete to get a refund (if you can’t do it through the Resolution Center on the order page, you can ask Customer Support to cancel the order for you). After 14 days, refunds are no longer possible.

You can also leave a negative review for the seller. That should get his attention, and you might get the work done, or the seller might refund you (although, the seller might be angry because of the negative review, and mess up your website).

For future reference, never place an order if you can’t supply all the necessary information immediately, because sellers have a deadline and must deliver something before the time runs out (sellers can also cancel the order if the clock is ticking and they haven’t received the information, but some are afraid that it would ruin their ranking). If you’re not sure what information you should supply, message the seller before placing the order and ask.

I hope you manage to solve this and get what you need!


Thanks Catwriter

Yep - I’m out of time to get a cancellation and refund. From what you say probably my best strategy is to “bribe” the guy that the only way to get a good review is to get the work done and not mess up my website.

I’ll wait until tomorrow just to see if customer services reply, then I’ll try that.

I take on board your comments about how Fiverr works. It’s not obvious to a newbie - I’m sure it’s all covered in the “read me before posting an enquiry” stuff, but who reads that.

Thanks for your input.


Customer Support can be slow (and I imagine the upcoming holidays will also impact on that), so wait a little longer for a response.

If he sent you the HTML (since it’s your word v his and I obviously can’t access the gig to check for myself), then it sounds like you just need to pop it in wherever you pop it in (I wouldn’t know where!), and he has offered to do it if you give him the login, or at least a temp admin account (details on how to do that here: Responding with stuff about Fiverr people doesn’t really help and adds to the general confusion.

PS, that strategy is against TOS. Don’t do that, since it will weaken your case.


An update, which might be useful for you to know in future. Customer services came up trumps and applied pressure to the seller to request cancellation the order and refund my money, which has now been done.

Excellent result, and again thank you for your input and advice - much appreciated.

I’ll now make sure I have a developer login for my Worldpress site and the details regarding the Paypal payment facility to hand before I place another order.