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My Order Won't Start

Before I contact customer support and wait for a long time;

Anyone else having problems starting their order? I just accepted a custom offer and tried starting the order, but it won’t do anything. It’s just staring at me, taunting me, and sticking its tongue at me (well, not literally, but I feel like it is :frowning: ).

It’s frustrating. Is anyone else having problems with starting their order?


It’s probably best to contact support. I haven’t had this happen yet but the site has had a few bugs lately. I hope you get this solved soon!

There is a slight chance it is just slow also, based on a few other bugs lately where things such as messages were slow.


Someone accepted custom offer I sent a few minutes ago and submitted the info immediately. Looks like you got a naughty one, my client’s order was polite enough to let him start it. Get it looked at by fiverr CS or request your seller to start it for you.

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Maybe, it is because you did not attach what you wanted to be worked on. Alternatively, you sent it in the messages, and the seller did not mark your order as, I have everything I need once you accepted the custom offer." :thinking:



Thanks, everyone.