My orders aren\'t going through, fiverr just says \'working on it\'


I’ve tried ordering 2 gigs since yesterday, and today I tried reordering one of them (= 3 orders in total).

In each case, after submitting my credit card information, fiverr says: “We’re working on it
We’ll email you once your order is ready.”

However, I’ve received no followup messages in any of the 3 orders, the orders don’t appear in my dashboard and the sellers have confirmed that they didn’t receive the orders either.

I have a new credit card, that is active and has worked fine elsewhere in the past few days, so I thought it might be related, but if the transaction was rejected, wouldn’t I receive a message from fiverr to try again?

Anyone else seeing this?



For Further Details Please contact customer support, Support team resolve your issue Definitely. Thanks


I have hearded that more buyers have problems with creditcard. Please contact customer support, to fix this issue.



Thank you both. I originally thought to contact support but none of the subject choices made sense, and many of them required order numbers, which I don’t have since none of my orders went through. I just submitted it via Feature Support.


Hi ssmpm, can you update about this problem.
I have the same issue.

Did it work for you?


Seriously? This discussion ended five months ago. There is no need to resurrect an old thread. If you have an issue with the Fiverr site, contact Customer Support. If you wish to discuss something with other forum users, start a new thread.


Hi devbrazil
I was never able to get this working, and I haven’t ordered on Fiverr since. Is your credit card by chance American Express? I think mine was if that means anything.


Hi ssmpm, thank you for replying

I’m sorry to hear that.
My credit card is MasterCard.

I already contact the customer support and they said

I looked into the transaction and saw that currently the charge is pending. Pending charges are purchases or pre-authorizations that haven’t been posted to your account yet. This means that your payment provider is still processing the payment and we have yet to receive the funds. Please allow 24 hours for the transaction to process. If after 24 hours the order does not manifest, please let us know so we may further look into this with our Financial team.

I contact my bank to and the transition happened successfully, I don’t know why but only here on fiverr this problem happened, this is the first time.

Let’s wait and see


Problem solved
Thank you fiverr support team

Sorry for the inconvenience. Our team has now added a $5 credit to your account as compensation for this issue, which may be viewed in the top-right corner of your screen. These funds will be automatically applied to your next order, without any limitation.

If you continue to experience issues placing an order with Fiverr, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


Good for you, I’m glad to see things have improved. Would have been nice to receive a similar response at the time…