My orders complete rate suddenly goes 100% to 85%?


hello i have completed 100% projects of mine expect mutual cancellation how does its goes to 85% ?


Yeah Fiverr decided it was time to start counting mutual cancellations as well.

there’s a really long thread about it here:


this is horrible, if order cancelled with buyers faults its also goes on our head,


Oh hey it’s you “Jennifer”. LOL :slight_smile:

Yeah don’t freak out. Fiverr is trying to make sure, cancellations rates are dropped.

As far as we can tell, there’s no negative impact from the “orders completion” metric, except if you drop like well bellow 80%.

Well with Fiverr not responding officially we have a hard time knowing the actual threshold, but yesterday a CS rep told a seller on that thread that an 85% completion rate was “nothing to worry about”. :slight_smile:


what will happen if rating drop under 80%?


Again, I just pulled that number out of thin air.

Fiverr is implying, that the lower that percentage drops, the worse your gigs will perform in the marketplace. (placement on search results)


I cancelled an order yesterday when a buyer asked me to do some illegal mambo jambo. Then my account dropped to 92% in reply, 67% in completed. Lets see what will happen if I don’t contact support and ask what happened.


Well, that is seriously annoying. I noticed a drop, too. Now every time someone orders a French translation on my “write an article in English” gig, my stats will drop. Sometimes people don’t read before they order!


Is that will effective on buyer request?,


Did not cancelled any order this month or the previous month & did not delivered late, besides the revisions offered after the delivery has been send within the time frame.

What I learnt from this? Don’t worry about them. Just provide the best work you can, the best customer support & keep doing it.

There are bugs & issues with Fiverr, but focusing on them affects your business more than this rates, as you’re always worried about them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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