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My Orders Completed numbers are decreasing day by day plz help

Hello Everyone…!

I just want some help that my orders completed rate are continuously decreasing a week before i was not getting any new orders and my orders rate started decreasing but now I am getting orders but my order rate is still decreasing. What should I do now ?



How many cancellations did you perform: many / a few? frequently / rarely?

Because cancelling orders = orders completed % decreases. So basically you should make sure to avoid cancellations as much as possible.

P.S. if you don’t cancel any orders for 60 days, that percentage will reset.


Thanks for your response…!
Bro I have 3 cancellation in the last 60 days, I cancelled 2 orders by myself and buyers were happy with that and 1 order was cancelled by the buyer and I happily accepted that…
Don’t know much about mutally cancellation.

In my opinion, saying “bro” to strangers isn’t professional, nor familial - I would also never use that word with my buyers if I were you. Just a piece of advice :wink:

And as I said, if you don’t cancel orders for 60 days, the orders completed will reset. Until then, you have to deliver more orders to make that percentage go back up, otherwise it will keep decreasing.

Bottom line: you have cancellations = orders completed decrease. You complete more orders = orders completed increase.


Agree with your Sir.

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Thanks :slight_smile: