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My orders dropped to zero with increasing level


Recently i got level two badge but i am getting no orders. I noticed one thing when i was a new seller on fiverr i had more order numbers but after reaching to level one, order ratio was decreased and now after level two it is almost zero. In last 45 days just 2 small orders :frowning: What should i do?

Most level 2 sellers are put in the back to leave some room for newer sellers. There’s nothing you can do. I have 14000+ reviews and I am still in the back.


So that means it doesn’t worth to have level 2 badge? After hard work i achieved it and still now i have to struggle more for orders?

It’s not only about you, I am Level One seller and still lacking sales. Most of the time, I am online and responding ultmately to Buyer Requests too.

Yes, i remain online most of the time and apply for buyers request too. So that’s the common problem now a days i guess.

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This is my theory. I have no evidence for it though!..

You’ve got to remember that a lot of buyers on Fiverr are looking for a cheap price. Cheap buyers will naturally target sellers without a level or maybe those who’ve reached level 1.

However, once you’ve reached level 2, then it’s clear that your skills are good, and that you’ve ‘been round the block a few times’ as we say in England. Therefore as a level 2 seller you’re likely to charge more because of your proven skills.

Cheap buyers don’t want to pay more.

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You are right. Cheap buyers don’t want to pay more. I didn’t raise price of gigs too much. I did a slight change in services and its rates. Because last time i discussed my problem on this forum and everyone suggested me to increase the price as low price attracts scammer too.

I don’t know what could be helpful to get a potential buyer.

In my opinion you should be charging more as a level 2 seller.

The problem though is that many buyers are attracted to no level and level 1 sellers because they expect them to be cheaper. Most level 2 sellers (correctly in my opinion) charge a little more.


You shouldn’t rely on your ranking on sub-category pages to sell.

No sustainable business relies on factors it can’t control.

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