My Orders Have Slowed Down [ARCHIVED]


Hi All–I am a Level 2 Seller who provides writing gigs. I have had much success the last several months, but all of a sudden my orders have gone from multiple a day, to 0-2 a day. I tried changing my tags and rewriting my pitch. I even ordered Fiverr gigs for videos (which turned out great) but neither seem to help.

Any suggestions on how to get my orders rolling back in again? Thanks!


Thank you for your response! It has been about 2 weeks. Any suggestions on places to promote, it’s not something I have had to do yet.


My orders have slowed down, too. I know SEO very well and I’m doing agressive SEO campaigns via Tire 2 backlinks, and so I’m in Google’s first page for many related SEO keywords (in USA) via Tire 1 backlinks (Landing Pages). But the problems is with Fiverr’s internal exposure…


Wonderful thank you!


same problem here


HI, Basically December and January was Holiday season . so order should be down as they was before…

so don’t worry about that… it will redirect automatically from February…

most of the clients are USA… so its such a problem here…

i had same problem also … but from this month i am doing such a great peroid…



I just checked your profile and it says that you are on vacation? In this case, you will see a drop in sales. Also, whenever I return from vacation it does take a while for orders to pick back up.