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My orders make no sense!

I am new to fiverr, and have only recently started my first gig.

I have received a couple of orders but they all make no sense. They either have nothing to do with my gig (even after I specifically try to figure out how can I help regardless), or they just don’t make sense.

I’m worried that this could lead to negative reviews about me, even though I honestly did my best to figure out how can I help.

What should I do?

I’d suggest taking a critical look at your gig page and see what parts could be rewritten to make it clearer for non-native English speakers.

Yes, what @doomdidoom suggested. The buyers may have found your gigs by following your keywords and just figured you would work on ANY aspect of videography, or all aspects of voiceover work, or whatever. But then, here’s the kicker: buyers often don’t read gig descriptions! So it’s a balancing act of trying to describe your gig in the title and maybe first sentence while still putting in all the information about what your gig is or isn’t. This can be important if a buyer gives you a hard time and you need to elicit assistance from customer support, because if you can show that you have a good, clear gig description that the buyer obviously didn’t read, then you are more likely to have CS be on your side and do what you want or need them to do (such as delete a negative review or dispute a cancellation).


I took a good look at your gigs, and the overlay gig looks really beautiful.

However, it would be a good idea to have arrows point at the actual overlay in your video and to point out in your description the things that you do not do. You could write things like: This is NOT …, to avoid mistakes

I adjusted my gigs that way, and it helped a lot.