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My orders receiving amount is getting slower month by month


Hi Friends,

I joined Fiverr actively 1 year ago and I could achieve level two seller badge and I could earn considerable amount after each month. However, before two three months, I was unable to take all orders received and did whenever I could do. So after that situation I am getting orders very slowly. I can’t understand why is that. Still my rating is good as 100% and other response time and complete time is now good. But I am getting orders very slowly.

Can someone tell is there any algorithm changes of Fiverr seller search. I can’t figure out how it get back to previous status. I have 5 gigs active and they are belonging to verious field. Previously I was receiving orders for all gigs but now rarely receiving order for excel works.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion or if you are facing the same issue in Fiverr. Sometime I feel like this after their server migration.

Thank you.


same too you … but i have no order for my gig


Here you go:


Thanks for the information dude. Hope this might be the reason.