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My orders stopped?


Why receiving orders stopped? I was receiving a lot of orders, now I haven’t gotten a single order since 3 days ago? Why?



And I promoted my gigs so much on social media! I don’t know if it’s a slow period for Fiverr in general, or just for my profile. I think I might be affected by the promoted gigs :unamused:


It happens get used to it. You will see days where you will be swamped with orders following by a complete dry spell. It can happen don’t worry about it. You can always check buyer requests to see if you can land a job there. Good luck!


The last 7 days I have finished 8 orders. But now nothing… It happens I agree with @annai80



I’ve had a real lull in orders since the fall of 2016 despite advertising etc. I’m not sure what happened but I feel you!


Same for me. I was getting ~3 orders a day, but then I got one order on friday and one on saturday. Nothing on sunday, but one today so it might be coming back.


Thanks for the uplift, Its crazy to say but sometimes it affects my mood lol


Yeah it sucks. But hopefully its just temporary. :slight_smile:


I can understand especially if you rely on the income. Check some other sites. Don’t rely on Fiverr alone ; ).


Its temporary and fiverr runs on a principal for providing equal exposure to all the sellers including the new sellers as well, Don’t worry you’ll get a lot of work soon i have understood the ranking system a bit

In last 10 days of months i am dry (almost) 2-3 msgs and 1 order is maximum
but right from 1st of month i receive extended volume of orders every single day for atleast 1 week and the pace reduces as the days pass.

So get some fresh air in this time, Enjoy your hard earned money… :smiley: