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My orders suddenly stopped coming! WHY!? (updated version)


All I can say is, “It happens.” That’s business, that’s life. Simple as that.

So, why the sudden drop/stop in the orders, you may ask?
There might be different reasons behind this,
maybe your gig is no longer appearing at the top of search,
maybe your competitors with similar gigs started offering killer deals,
people are simply not in the need for your gigs
right now, it’s vacation season, etc etc etc etc etc.
You did everything you can to get more sales, but still no orders.

All I can say is, it happens. IT HAPPENS! One more time just in case: IT HAPPENS!!!

There are always ups and downs.
That’s life, that’s business. Remember, there are millions of gigs here.
You are getting new competitors everyday, of course it’s going to effect your sales.
Think about it realistically. Do you seriously think you can ALWAYS get orders constantly and
FOREVER, when HUNDREDS of people are creating new ( and maybe better ) gigs, EVERY DAY here?

I can understand why people freak out. I do, believe me.
They join Fiverr, and for several weeks ( or even months), they
get orders almost everyday or every week, and suddenly the orders stop coming.
That is enough to cause panic. I get that.
I myself have gone through this “drying-up period” a few times,
but I have worked here long enough to realize that it’s nothing unusual.

So what can you do when and if you face this drying up period???
I’m not sure if there is anything you can do.
You can try editing your gigs, promote more.
Look at other people’s stuff and get ideas. ( Don’t steal though)
Keep thinking.

If those don’t work, pray. Might sound strange to some people, but it sometimes works.

In the meantime, walk away from the pity parade and work on other stuff.
Or look for another source of income aside from Fiverr. (maybe this is the most
realistic approach. )

Keep calm and don’t panic. Panicking is not gonna help at all.


This made my Day.
Thank You


I’m glad to hear that. :smiley:
Also from my experience, once the dry-up period is gone, you face the
flood period, and soon you’ll be praying for the orders to stop :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve quit worrying about things beyond my control. What’s the point. Agree 100% with what you’ve said. In fact, I don’t think you’ve said anything in this forum that hasn’t made perfect sense, TBH…


Great post Zeus!

Here is a post I wrote some time back on the same topic. Keeping a flow of orders is important and with a few simple steps it is possible to do it much better than most people seem to.


i love that prayer aspect, you don’t own fiverr, they can do what they like with your gig, rotate it, move it up and down etc, i have resigned to fate as i have no control over their search etc…when from over 10 orders per day to nil for 2 days now.


Thanks for this post! What you’re saying couldn’t be anymore true.

It happens FTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

Things are CONSTANTLY changing on here.


Awesome, i hope everyone reads this and stop making new threads :smiley:


hi, same thing happened to me. few days i was in vacation & yesterday again i have activated my gigs. normally my main selling gig is on first page but after my vacation now it’s on page #4. so anybody want to put your account into vacation mode, pls think twice. :frowning:


This should reassure many sellers who think that it might only be happening to them. I love the prayer aspect too!


Yes man! It happens.Thank you @zeus777. Finally have some hope.


Salute to you for the amazing and nicely explanation. you really help me to think positive😊


I think there’s a really simple explanation to that … you are simply at fiverr’s mercy if your gigs appear AT ALL in the search and/or directory or NOT. I even doubt they have a real google-like algorithm as some tried to point out here and there. They must have smth., but I just doubt it’s that sophisticated.

Now simply imagine that so many sellers register and post their selling gigs on fiverr than just go and browse the categories. You’ll be astonished to see only a few pages of gigs in each category. So … where did all the gigs go !?! Simple! They just DO NOT SHOW!

So if your gig is not listed in the categories and also does not appear in search results (yeah, you can try typing your exact title etc, you won’t find it) you simply CANNOT be found so you cannot get any orders. Logical, right? :slight_smile:

It seems that fiv is somehow rotating the gigs, disabling some just to show others. Than, one sunny day, it will be your gig’s turn to make the round, and than you’ll get requests and luckily also orders :slight_smile:

So in line to what zeus said, I’d also say one should not rely to much on fiv as a steady source of income. Take it easy, have fun while here and you are on the safe side :slight_smile:


Super intelligent post and what I consider the realest post ever. I’m bookmarking this to refer back at times when I will need it the most. Thanks Zeus777


As a corollary, my gigs have started getting at least 50 visits > 5 buyer messages > 1 sale daily. And I am not doing any kind of promotion for my gigs, no sharing on social media, no sending buyer requests, no spamming the forum, no paid ads, nothing. I just created my gigs, wrote what I was offering in simple English, no keyword/buzzword tricks, no lead generation efforts, I just left the gigs alone after I created them.

So, yes, it is beyond our control to predict the Fiverr algorithm. What I have noticed is that the algorithm keeps putting certain gigs on top for certain search results to test the conversion rate, just like a fisherman tries various kind of worms in various parts of the lake until he finds a high fish density part of the lake and a worm that a lot of the fish love. (Sorry about the fish analogy, I just love fish, cant stop thinking about them.)

If you notice that one of your gigs has suddenly attracted a lot of impressions, it means that the algorithm picked it up on an experimental basis and pushed it to the top to see how many fish it attracts. If your gig ends up having a high conversion rate then the gig stays high up in search results for a longer time, if there are no conversions then the algorithm moves on to try and find other gigs to promote. The goal of the algorithm is to keep churning the gigs constantly to maximize conversions. It’s AI in motion. Beautiful to watch it in motion first hand, from an academic point of view (unless your rent and bread depends on Fiverr, then you better sit up and make amends).

The sales aren’t evaporating though, they are just going to someone else within the ecosystem, this is how everyone got their first sale when they were new to Fiverr, at the expense of another established seller. It helps everyone in the long run as it allows the buyers to have a wider market, newbies usually overdeliver and deliver ahead of deadline, in a way, this increases the credibility and satiability factor of Fiverr as a go to site for buyers, this makes them return for more and recommend the site to other friends as well. This draws more buyers and we all get a piece of the pie in the long run, even if it feels bad to lose orders in the short term. A tactical loss for a strategic gain.


Great read


> What’s the point.
That’s exactly my point, hahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I’m sure there are some things you can do (like eoinfinnegan mentioned in his
comments), but sometimes it’s just how things are!


Exactly, if you do business nothing is certain. If you want a monthly paycheck you have to find a job.
Also, if your business is going well it’s the time to already research what to do next, because the time will come where it all changes.


Common sense like yours isn’t appreciated around these here parts, boy. I think you’d best show yourself the door. Before things start happening.


Okay, I shall haul my posterior outside while ensuring that I don’t face any attrition from the door while travelling on my chosen trajectory.