My Orders Will Not "Deliver;" Messages Will Not Send!


I saw another seller stating on 4-25-15 “Fiverr is under a hack attack, everything is all messed up.” Is this true? Something is definitely wrong with my account. Last night I delivered the same order 3 times, yet it’s still sitting in my queue, now stating that I am late in delivering. I sent messages to that buyer which do NOT show up in the queue. Other orders have been or will be late in the next 24 hours. After looking for tech support numerous times I finally figured out I am supposed to “submit a request.” It would have been nice if that were more obvious. I kept thinking there was nothing but the FAQ for me to refer to.


I have not seen anything about a hack attack and have personally been able to deliver multiple orders and messages this weekend.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble.

Fiverr typically responds to submitted requests fairly quickly. Hang onto these requests so you may use them to request removal of any negative feedback you may receive for these order/message delays from buyers.


I can’t enter my account properly! Sometimes the page remain blank, but if I am in, I can’t read messages with tasks and even cancel orders(. Something is wrong.


I’ve had similar issues this weekend. I delivered an order three times and each time it popped back up in my queue without any evidence of prior delivery.