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My Overall experience with fiverr

Two Warning in Two days because of Two annoying Buyers Who Saying I misuse there Login info and Did something to there website.
I am a Level one seller with 74+ order and 1200$+ sales. And they disable my account in two days.
I accept that I contacted some buyer outside fiverr, But I never ask them to provide personal info first. They ask me to contact outside fiverr because because fiverr take too much commission and I get a warning for this today and demoted. That’s ok, I Accept it and I am sure most of seller do such things.They didn’t give me a chance to fix my mistake after warning.
All fiverr support saying is that there main goal is to provide good service to Buyer not anything else.
My account currently has 150$+ money with two orders one of them i placed for a work. They disabled account and steal my money.
If You are New to fiverr and think there is a future here, I am warning you there is nothing Here. All your work can be gone within days. all it take one annoying buyer. nomatter how how follow rules. I daily read post from this forum and daily read post from top rated, level tow or level one seller that buyer ruin there account to provide good experience to there buyer.

If you thinking that you are self employed and don’t need a job and work on fiverr for money. you are seeing a dream that can ruin your life. Get a website and start working on it because Buyer will misuse fiverr and make your life hell and there is nothing you can do. they threatened you to give 1 star and if you cancel order due to this you can’t be promoted. its a total loss both side
When I Read A Top Rated seller post on this forum I ignore them just like you ignoring mine. I think this can’t happen to me. but Here I am bitching about my problem with Fiverr.
Now I know What I Must do, I open my Own website. Work Hard on it same as Fiverr for same amount of time and I’m gonna be my own boss. No Buyer’s @sslicking from now.

Bye Fiverr, Bye Greedy Corp, Bye Annoying Buyers,Bye Buyer Buyers who respect sellers.

Open for debate, Change my mind


This is YOUR experience, and does not reflect the success other new sellers might find here on Fiverr. Please don’t assume that because you are penalized for breaking the TOS, that that automatically makes Fiverr a bad site for new sellers.

Except, you didn’t follow the rules, and Fiverr took action against your account as a result.

Very well. I truly hope you find success.

Bye, seller. Good luck.


I can search this forum and send you 100+ link where top rated buyer have to leave this platform after 5+ years service. They didn’t get a single featured listing in those 5 years. Fiverr is biased and only help seller whom they like (Mostly from europe and America.)

They give me First Warning Because i gave one of my buyer one star rating and he ask me to give him 5 and report this on fiverr and fiverr give me warning instead of him. Why they give warning if they can direct ban and didn’t give seller chance to fix there mistake

Thanks Mate! Wish you a good Future on Fiverr :wink:

Good luck in your future endeavors.

You broke TOS and paid the price. No offense but that is 100% your fault. I don’t think Fiverr has a 3 strike and your out rule, they can ban you after your first offense.


So you even broke rule few times :thinking: I’ve been here for quite some time but never ever managed to break rules.

So in your opinion if it’s your buyer offered to make a payment outside of fiverr then there is no your fault?

It’s like saying “yes I robbed a bank but it wasn’t my idea”

Yes, they all come hear to complain but most of the times sooner or later we are finding out that they did indeed broke the rules. The same in your case.


I paid a Price by getting demoted and one warning. Disabling my account isn’t paying a price. I didn’t get three strike. one of them isn’t even my fault.

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It’s true Fiverr is harsh to sellers sometime and I think we as a seller should consider their TOS seriously. I too had lost my account and this time as a new seller, it is too hard to get the orders rolling in. I am just hoping to receive orders soon.

Only one Time I broke rules (Only One, And I paid for it, they demote me and give me warning), I got One warning Because I give My buyer a one star Review. Am I not supposed to give that? He reported my on fiverr and fiverr give me warning without knowing about whole situation.

Yes, The case is Always same, Its always seller fault. Each and every single time. Seller always bitching about there fault in this forum. That’s why fiverr made this forum.

I didn’t get a Second chance to fix my mistake after warning. I was directly banned few second after second warning. and first warning isn’t even my fault they blame me for something which I didn’t so.
At the end of day there support says “We are sorry to say that guilting a buyer will not be allowed and it’s against our Terms of Service”
This statement is enough to mock those who says fiverr not only side by buyer.

That’s the key word: after second warning. So fiverr did give you a chance after the first warning.

Asking for payments outside of fiverr is the main and strictest rules here on fiverr. Fiverr makes it very clear and doesn’t tolerate any hints on communication outside of fiverr considering it severe breach of the rules.


I am saying that first warning wasn’t about outside payment. I was because I give my buyer 1 star rating because he blaming me for something I didn’t do on his website. And than he asked me to change my rating. And fiverr though I was asking buyer to change his rating. fiverr support is consist of world’s biggest stupid people.
While second warning is about outside payment. Now tell me honestly was first warning fair or not? and don’t tell me contact fiverr support for this issue. because i already did and here what they say “We are sorry to say that guilting a buyer will not be allowed and it’s against our Terms of Service”

Break the rules? Contact buyers outside of Fiverr? No, most sellers don’t do that.

Only one time? But didn’t you say that


It looks like you kept breaking the rules (either that, or you haven’t expressed yourself properly, though even then, you did break the rules, and Fiverr sometimes bans sellers after they break the rules once, especially if it’s for contact outside of Fiverr).


They give me warning and after that warning I didn’t break that rule why disable Account? I am 100% sure every seller contact buyer outside buyer. The thing is that they can’t caught until there profile reviewed same as me. So don’t try to be a Saint. Only for braking one rule they block me. Fiverr is highly biased company

That is not true at all. Why sellers would want to break the rules?

Fiverr can ban people with only one warning, they don’t need 3 warnings.

You broke the rules, that is why they block you, it has nothing to do with your country. There are many successful sellers from your country and who are following rules.

My suggestion is that you learn from this experience so in future you don’t make mistakes like now. And also, you should real TOS many times till you learn everything from it


no , most sellers do not do those things , all communication has to stay here on Fiverr

wrong again , please read the TOS

Absolutely right , there’s nothing here for those who don’t follow the rules

Correct as mentioned above , Fiverr is not for people who can’t follow some rules


Hope to see you soon


I am sure you are not. I’m not working for such greedy biased website again. Not fiverr, Not any other freelancing website. I learnt my life lessons. The only regret I have Is that I should have give more time to my website instead of spending it here.
I am gonna send you all post from top rated seller with same experience as me. Wait

Yes, everybody is Saint I am devil. My friend is demoted from level two seller to level for same reason why they ban me?

Read these thread please:

Do you want more? I have 100+ of these

All you had to say was no. Most sellers DO NOT do such things. For one, it is against TOS. You can also rest assured that any buyer who wants to communicate directly is a a scammer.

First it is "oh, my, the commission is too high," Then it is, "we want you to be paid a fair price for your work. Please send us your bank details, a copy of your ID, and your social security number, so we can make that happen."

Don’t assume everyone breaks TOS, just because you did.