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My Overall experience with fiverr

They give me warning and after that warning I didn’t break that rule why disable Account? I am 100% sure every seller contact buyer outside buyer. The thing is that they can’t caught until there profile reviewed same as me. So don’t try to be a Saint. Only for braking one rule they block me. Fiverr is highly biased company

That is not true at all. Why sellers would want to break the rules?

Fiverr can ban people with only one warning, they don’t need 3 warnings.

You broke the rules, that is why they block you, it has nothing to do with your country. There are many successful sellers from your country and who are following rules.

My suggestion is that you learn from this experience so in future you don’t make mistakes like now. And also, you should real TOS many times till you learn everything from it


no , most sellers do not do those things , all communication has to stay here on Fiverr

wrong again , please read the TOS

Absolutely right , there’s nothing here for those who don’t follow the rules

Correct as mentioned above , Fiverr is not for people who can’t follow some rules


Hope to see you soon


I am sure you are not. I’m not working for such greedy biased website again. Not fiverr, Not any other freelancing website. I learnt my life lessons. The only regret I have Is that I should have give more time to my website instead of spending it here.
I am gonna send you all post from top rated seller with same experience as me. Wait

Yes, everybody is Saint I am devil. My friend is demoted from level two seller to level for same reason why they ban me?

Read these thread please:

Do you want more? I have 100+ of these

All you had to say was no. Most sellers DO NOT do such things. For one, it is against TOS. You can also rest assured that any buyer who wants to communicate directly is a a scammer.

First it is "oh, my, the commission is too high," Then it is, "we want you to be paid a fair price for your work. Please send us your bank details, a copy of your ID, and your social security number, so we can make that happen."

Don’t assume everyone breaks TOS, just because you did.


Only two buyer ask for this. They ask me because they bought my service frequently and Thought it would be great for both of us. I says no to atleast 5 because they haven’t order a single gig from me and Tell me that they pay via a local transition method.

perhaps it’s just your attitude that’s wrong , good luck


This is what they all say. Just say no, regardless of where you sell.

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I’ve had one buyer for four years who told me he recently got a similar service from some seller and the guy told him to buy it from him off fiverr. I told him that it only proves how dishonest that seller is. Why would anyone want to deal with someone like that? It is not smart to do that either for the buyer or the seller.
As a buyer I would only feel comfortable knowing I was dealing with a reputable seller who has no problem following rules.


I won’t, that wouldn’t be nice of me, it’s your mind, after all.
If you really believe what you wrote and if it’s true, you’ll be better off out on your own, in a galaxy far far away from greedy corps. If you don’t really believe it and wrote it out of defiance, that’s understandable, we’re all humans and emotional beings, but you need a change of mindset then that needs to come from within, from yourself, not from us.
Just good luck, with whatever you do.


Fiverr isn’t right for 100% of all people. Few things are. If some don’t like it or have big problems here then it’s not a fit for them. Life has a variety of things to offer besides just one company with a website.

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Then you’re wrong. Just because you broke the rules doesn’t mean that everybody does.

That’s playing the victim, and not how an adult and a professional talks.

Maybe it was because there was also a buyer who complained about you, and because you had it in one of your gigs that you would provide your personal contact information to your buyers, for contact outside of Fiverr. Maybe it was something else. Their site, their decision.

Anyway, good luck with your website!


And that’s exactly why you got banned!

I never ever thought to ask or agree to work outside of fiverr. Just because you and your friends breaking rules it doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it.

Fiverr knew that you are not going to change and will just break the rules as much as you can until you will get cought again and their decision was to block you.
And by the way, fiverr detects it not only through someone directly reporting you, they also track all your conversations and reviewing messages that was automatically flagged by the system with the red flag words.

Here is actually one of my 2 days ago conversation.


Good luck With Your career on fiverr. You are really a pro. Can’t even share work sample with users. Wish you a bright shinning rich future on fiverr

I have 600 examples in my fiverr profile, that’s more than enough to see my samples if you didn’t get it yet. There is no need to see my website if there are 600 examples in fiverr account.

And it seems that you still don’t get how to follow the rules the same as the person in my screenshot even after being told that it’s obviously breaking the rules.


My gig was reviewed by fiverr before publishing it so don’t say a word about it. They reviewed it and than publish it.
You are a Good person. Wish you a bright future on fiverr also.

Good, don’t forget to save them in your System. Unfortunately, If any of your buyer lost there mind you can be next victim. Atleast all my buyers have to send me there emails as a part of my work.
Now I can tell all of them that I am no longer on fiverr and you can direct contact me.
Fare and square

99% wrong, we need optimise our self awareness :wink: