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My own addmefast bot bypassing their antibot system

this is my idea- antibot system on addmefast works very good. but… i found weak point. if u are browsing or using addmefast from mobile devices antibot system is off. because any bot or script does not work with mobile os.

I find a way how to do it. Using my bot any site, including addmefast recognize me as… mobile user with nokia n8 symbian os. antibot is off. another thing-mobile versions of fb, twitter etc is much simpler, loading faster and is no empty clicks. Is not only safe,is running twice faster.

im seeling it for 5$ plus another 5 for 17 scripts i wrote. they are the only exist working mobile scripts. no one is using this method now.

take a look at video showing how it works.


here is a link to my gig:

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is that really works? how can u use scripts with mobile os? it looks like firefox u running?

works, works. yes,its firefox. but as you can see sites which are opening through addmefast are mobile version. i cant tell u how it works haha. i can sell you my bot. just follow instruction and hit start.

i still dont understand… how u can use scripts on mobile??? its facebook mobile sites on video? am i right?

So, how can you start macros on mobile mozilla???

there is no miracles. but… any site u will visit will recognize you as mobile user browsing internet with nokia n8 with symbian operating system . addmefast think that u are using mobile mozilla and their antibot is off. u can do whatever u want. no ban.

so, its a trick? u are mot using mobile device in real? how can u cheat sites that u are mobile user if u running windows and pc firefox?

i think i know firefox very well. there is no option to simulate mobile device there

i will give you magical thing which will change your firefox for mobile mozilla in one click. and 17 scripts i wrote. any scripts you used before will not works with mobile sites. any, except mmine

how fast is that?

i am using laiptop with pentium i7 and 8gb ram. flash is off. internet is 50mb/sec

3k per hour. but u can open 2 or even 3 instances at the same time

ok. im buying

great. u will get video and txt tutorial, step by step, how to set up

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I find a new site`, may be you have bot for it? I like this site, but I can’t find bot for it




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