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My own artwork got denied for the reason "not original design"

i uploaded a gig for making logos for people and uploaded my own photos of logos I have made and it got denied for it not being my artwork… but I literally have the files to prove I made it, the only thing I can think is that they where logos that I made for companies online so the reviewer might of googled the photos or something and found the companies and thought I took them??? why was I denied?

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Possibly you included non original portions on your logo. The best way to know is to contact support and ask why. But as you say, you have logos in there, that would be classed as non original work as logos for companies mostly have a copywrite on them.

Okay, thanks for the insight how do i get in contact with support? Link in the footer of every Fiverr page.

Put photo that you attached in your GIG here and I will search for it.

so i think i realised why could it be that it got denied because i compressed the photo size as the original was too big of a file to upload?

I doubt that would be reason

Did you put them like this in gallery? In PNG transparent file format, no corrections to dimensions?


Exactly like that yea

Logos are clear, I verified them. Now I am looking for BG. Maybe that triggered the system. I will extract BG and logo and search separately.

Even though I cant see why. Over 50000 sellers right now as we type have images of logos they stolen from the logo contest on that “other” page we can’t mention.

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oh im new to fiverr tbh i have always got my own contacts for buyers so i dont know much about this community or the contest thing?

I am not supposed to say anything but I will try to camouflage myself by telling you to google “citizen lost logo”.
And a lot of sellers are taking logos from that and similar contest mixing them up on the same BG image and coming on Fiverr to become logo designers.

Just for an experiment (since I am a logo designer) I posted buyers’ requests. One guy sends me a sample in PNG. I said it looks good, does he work in vector. He said yes. I hired him. I asked him to send me a vector file. He sends me that same PNG saved as PDF. I asked, vector please, he says he “will get back to me”… LOL he never did and actually canceled order after 12 hours

i tried googling citizen lost logo and it just came up with a bunch of stuff

but I assume what your saying is people keep stealing the exact same logo but putting it on different backgrounds?

hahahaah second row last image

No, they even keep the BG too. They do not have program to change that. The plan is to sign up for Fiverr account, put logo gig, and if you get the customer to send him a screenshot of the logo from place it or similar. Just this morning one guy posted here his new gig and he didn’t even remove the studio watermark and email of author (not him) from the photo.

90% of my customers had their logo made here on Fiverr and it was is png and ask me to trace it in vector

so how come they get away with it but im getting pulled on copyright but its my work?

does fiverr have a automated system thats accidently picked mine up or something?

Bad luck I am afraid.

Yes, and maybe. Maybe they are starting to take it more seriously because you have over 180000 people offering logos 40% from the last 4 months. So you should contact CS.

i have its gonna take 24 to 48 hours apparently so we will see, thank you for your help tho