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My packages doesn't Shown properly

Hi there,

How’s everything? I hope everything is well. Hope you’re well and safe. I’ve just created a gig offering Instagram Marketing service. While I creating this gig I added 3 packages (Which is Fiverr recommend). Here I make 3 variations of my gig packages for the better experience of my prospected buyers. But unfortunately, after I completing my gig creation I found that my packages are not shown to in my gig. What’s the problem? If I did anything wrong, please let me know. Also, my gig doesn’t appear in search results that’s mean my gig isn’t activated yet.

Here I attached 3 screenshots for better understanding.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day ahead!

Warmest regards,


The image above says that you need to contact Customer Support for help with reference to your gig appearing in search results.


In your " I will do instagram marketing for fast organic growth and engagement" gig it’s showing 3 packages for that when I view it.


Yes, This is normal issue, because maybe Fiverr will review my gig first, then it will be Active. But my concern with packages issues. Thanks,

Yes, Here 3 packages alive, but here I added

  • Page/Channel Evaluation
  • Management Days
  • Schedule Posts
  • Full-Time Engagement
  • Action Plan,
    etc. (by tick marking) it is not showing in my package and that is my concern. Thanks for your reply.

I think others have said similar things re: not all the fields being shown. Maybe contact CS about it you can’t get it to display correctly. It could be a bug that they could get the developers to fix.

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