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My Passion To Deliver Quality

It has always been my passion to deliver what is paid for or at many times more than what was paid for. I practically love the customer, and I appreciate every opportunity the customer allows me to serve them, that’s ‘quality’ service in my eyes. I have been a freelancer for years and the this mindset has made and kept me successful during those times. After I left Google I dived into the world of SEO and realized how simple it came due to my past experience in the search and analytic departments. So here I am at your disposal, currently Fiverr is my way of meeting and serving new people and as I mentioned above, delivering quality.

My GIG is

I am offering long term SEO services instead of the regular ones on here where you get a fixed amount, with me you stand chances to get 10,000 - 20,000 backlinks within days (based on what quality:quantity the customer requests.)

I offer free SEO consultation once you message me with whatever questions you have, I can advice the most suitable way forward when it comes to ranking your website even though you aren’t purchasing services from me.

Thanks for reading and I hope to talk to potential clients soon! Cheers.