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My paused gig issue


Recently I paused one of my gig by mistake I was visiting my profile and then I mistakenly clicked on the picture of my gig and unfortunately I clicked on pause. I activated it in few minutes and now my gig is no where is searching. Not sure what to do ? My gig was on first page of searching and now nowhere !!! Why you guys put these stupid features if you cannot handle there functions properly !!

do any of you guys face this issue and how long does it take after activating the paused gig to show up again in searching ?


Hopefully, it will be returned to the search results in 15 minutes or so.


Fiverr takes 15 minutes to reboot your gig into the search. When you go on vacation mode, it would take 15 minutes for it to show up in searches again, so I’m assuming it is the same thing with the pause feature.


Its been almost 10 hours my gig is nowhere :@


Really frustrated by this kind of behavior. Support takes likes forever to reply. And gig is just vanished by pausing !!! I MEAN LIKE SERIOUSLLYYYY !!!