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My Paused gigs still get views!


i paused some of my gigs long time ago, i just checked them and i saw that they got recent views ! how possibly could this happen ?

I don’t really know the answer so I think it’s best you should try to contact Customer Support. :smiley:

Pause gigs aren’t invisible gigs, they’re no different than gigs on vacation mode, I think. Do they have a “notify me” button? Try looking at your gig from another browser, and make sure you’re not logged in. Copy and paste the link.

It also depends on when the gigs were paused. If someone searches Google for keywords related strongly to your gigs, especially if combined with “Fiverr” or your username, the results may show a link to a paused gig. If the searcher clicks on the link, it might or might not result in a “view.” If the searched uses their search engine to looked at a cached copy of the results, it will likely show both the gig text and reflect in your views. If recent enough, it may show images and other content related to the gig.

A few days ago I received a message from a potential buyer, interested in one of my paused gigs. I asked him how he found it, given it was paused, and he told me that he found it in the search results. So, I guess sometimes there are glitches that make paused gigs appear listed.

Another possibility is that he might have found my gig when it wasn’t paused, kept it in his favorites, and then, a month or more later, he has accessed it from his favorites list (I don’t know whether this can be done, but it could be).

That happened to me too, I’ve received a proposal from a potential buyer but the gig is in pause mode.
I didn’t ask her how she found me iI think its just a fiverr bug

Reply to @fastcopywriter:
They have a “paused gig” button, i tried earching for one of them by i didn’t found it even there is not a lot of gigs in that category.

it’s not really a problem for me as it brings me traffic to the other gigs, but i just wanted to know the reason.

Reply to @imadou: Well, customer service knows the reason. Maybe it’s a technical thing. Not that it matters. Why do you pause gigs? Why not extend the deliver deadline if you can’t cope with the orders?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: i just paused them to not delete thm, because i don’t want to do such work again, now i know what type of gigs i should focus on, i’m more focusing now on doing what i love : “web developement”

Reply to @fonthaunt: yes, that’s what i thought me too

Reply to @belengarcia: yes, very possible to happen!

Reply to @imadou: I get it, and that’s smart. Personally, I would rather delete a gig I hate than pause it.